Nazi experiments on Twins

The twins were examined from head to toe. Measurements of every inch were taken.  Dr. Mengele demanded careful exams.  If any detail was missed by the staff, usually a prisoner doctor, would be punished.  The twins were allowed to keep their hair for the first several days of the examination.  After all the living data was taken the twins would be killed by a single injection in the heart.  Care was taken to insure the twins died at the same time.  The twins were then dissected and the organs were sent to research centers.  The examination started at the head.  All parts of the head were examined very carefully.  They were then x-rayed.  After that they had to have tubes stuck in their lungs and noses.  They were then ventilated with a gas which caused them to cough so bad they had to be restrained.  The sputum from the lungs was collected for examination. Then the twins were photographed for many days.  The cause for the photographs was to see the hair patterns.  They were forced to stand, kneel, and bend in many positions to accomplish the photographs.  The twins were required to stand with their arms lifted for many hours so their underarm hair could be photographed.  They were woken very early in the morning.  When they got up they had to sit in hot water until they passed out.  Then they were strapped to tables where their hair was plucked, trying to save the hair root.  After enough hair was taken, they were totally shaven of every hair on their body.  Twins were kept in separate barracks from the other prisoners, and sometimes given preferential treatment. They were better fed than other prisoners, and monitored  by guards who might be blamed if any of the twins fell ill or died. Unfortunately, this preferential treatment was short-term. Of the 3000 twins who passed through Mengele's labs, only 200 survived the war. Depending on the type of experiment endured by the twins, they were driven to various labs at Auschwitz or neighboring Birkenau camp. Most received routine blood and x-ray tests, often on a daily basis. Mengeles assistants in his experiments were often Jewish inmates with medical backgrounds who had been spared the gas chambers because of their skills .Mengele injected chemicals into the eyes of children in an attempt to change their eye color. We know that what Dr. Mengele did to the twins was mean and wrong.

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