By: Mason Chandler

One thing that stresses teens out is Homework, because sometimes there is a lot of homework to do and they could be up really late. Then they won't get enough sleep and be tired the next day at school. Managing it: don't procrastinate; start as soon as you can, don't take too many breaks; but stretch often. Stay focused on it and it will seem to be done faster, drink lots of water, make sure to prioritize and do what takes longer first.


Another thing that can stress out teens is too many projects. If a teen has 6 projects each due in a week, even without any homework it would still be a struggle to finish 6 projects in a week AND meet all the criteria. Managing it: Prioritize projects, make extra sure you have followed all the directions, stretch/ break times, sleep well


The third thing that can stress teens out is remembering things, like lines for a play or maneuvers for a ball game. Managing it: take regular breaks, eat well, drink lots of water, get good sleep.


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