The Scotch of St. James

1 - About the address

The Scotch of St James is a nightclub situated at 13A Masons Yard, Westminster in London. It served as a prominent nichtclub, live music venue and historically significant meeting place for London's rock elite in the sixties.

This club opened on the 14th July 1965 at the height of 1960s swinging London (swinging London was created by Time magazine)and replaced the Ad club, wich closed in november 1966, as a meeting place for the swingin London set and rock musicians (cramp Nathaniel). The heritage of the Scotch st James was referenced when it was revived, after 25 years of closure, in 2012.

2 -Did you know the Animals..?

The Animals were a British band of the 1960's formed in Newcastle upon Tyne (during the early part of decade).

The Animals was composed of John Steel, Mick Gallagher, Chas Chandler, Alan Price and Eric Burdon. They play rock, blues rock,...

They move to London in 1964 in the immediate wake of the Beatlemania.

" The House of the Rising Sun " is them most famous song.

3 -Test your knowledge

Let me see if you understood everything !

1) How many boys are they in The Animals' band ?

2) named they with their job in the music band.

3) Where are The Animals come from ?

4) A very famous song by The Animals is actually a traditional folk song... What is the name of this song ?

5) 24th September 1966... Jimi Hendrix met someone who became particular for him. Who was this person ?

6) What music cover by The Animals was used in thevery famous movie Kill Bill ?

4 - Find the mystery Tour object

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