Otzi the Iceman

By: Landon Kocer Period 9


Facts about Otzi

Otzi was a man from the Stone Age.  Otzi was found in a little creek in the Alps.  Some hikers were hiking and they saw a dead body in a little creek so they called the police.  A police man came and he thought it was a recent death so he got a jackhammer and started digging the dead body out.  Then a scientist came named Dr.Henn and the police man to stop digging because that is an ancient body.  So Dr. Henn got his crew and carefully started digging out this ancient body.  Once he got this body back to a museum his crew and him named the dead body Otzi.


Four Theories on how Otzi Died


Some people think Otzi died of Hypothermia because he didn't have his coat on.  When you have Hypothermia you all of a sudden get warm.  Otzi's body was well preserved so scientists think that he froze right away after he died.


After they found Otzi they believed that he could have been a shepherd because he had pollen in his stomach that were off pollen trees that were on the path where shepherds take their sheep.  Scientists believe that he got robbed because he had bags that were empty so they think that when they robbed him they took the stuff out of the bags and ran away.


With all of Otzi's items they found an ax that only leaders have.  He could have stole this ax from the leader and he could have tracked him down and killed him.  Scientists found an arrowhead in Otzi's shoulder.  So someone must have shot him in the shoulder with a bow and arrow.

Killed in Battle

Otzi could have been in battle because scientists found 3 different peoples blood on his shirt and dagger.  Also he had an arrowhead in his shoulder.  They also believed that he was carrying injured people to safety when someone shot him in the shoulder.

What I Think Happened

I think that Otzi was killed in battle.  I believe that Otzi was shot in the shoulder and trying to find safety but tripped in the creek he was found in.  He probably blacked out and died there and froze.   

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