Welcome to Our Class Blog

NI 700 English for Academic Purposes

It's easy!

Our class blog is YOUR space to create, reflect, and share with your classmates.  The possibilities for the blog are endless and I encourage you to explore topics that are personally meaningful to you.

Some ideas:

Adapt a journal entry from one of the topics you have written about for our class. (My hometown, what respect means to me, ...)

Reflect on something you have read or watched or listened to.  What was it about? What do you think about it? Can you relate to it personally?

Write a journal entry to share your personal feelings or experiences.  Think about your life in the past, present, and future.

Write a poem, short story, song,  or play.

Reflect on current events around the world.  Examine traditions and culture in different countries.

Share resources or strategies that you use to help improve your English skills.

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