The American Dream

My American Dream

My definition of the American Dream is living life the way you scheduled your dream life to be. I feel if you want to be the richest doctor you will have a plan to have your dream career. You will make sure you go to college and graduate at the top of your classes. When you get practice you will preform the most accurate procedure . As you gain seniority you gain wealth, power, respect.

Gatsby's American Dream

It was a strange coincidence," I said.
"But it wasn't a coincidence at all."
"Why not?"

"Gatsby bought that house so that Daisy would be just across the bay."

Example 1

Gatsby was knew that he couldn't be with Daisy because he is poor. They are later separated and Gatz is sent to war. He later discover that in order to be with her he has to find a source of wealth.

Example 2

Gatsby is now very wealthy and well respected. He build a mansion across the bay from Daisy's home. Lets just say that isn't very consequential.

Example 3

Gatsby throws the my extravagant parties on Saturday. Everyone attends expect the person he want to be with the most. (Daisy)

Example 4

Gatsby befriends Nick and engages Nick  to invite Daisy over for tea so Gatsby can see here after 8 long years .

Example 5

Gatsby sort of forced but at the same time it was a mutually feeling about Daisy loving him.

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