By Brayden

Ok so guess. Its a chronic worldwide disease. its in the united states, Its in Missouri, its even in the school. Cant figure it out? read on.


Did you guess right? Well if you didn't, Asthma. You may be wondering. What is asthma? Read on.

What is asthma?

Asthma is disease. You probably knew that. Though, unlike other diseases it is not contagious. That's the good news. Asthma infects the airways  making a mucus covered thick wall making it hard to breath. The bad news is it is Lethal,  And has no cure.


Coughing, Wheezing,Feeling Tired, Changes in lung function, Asthma attack, colds, trouble sleeping, easily grouchy or moody, chest pain, rapid breathing, pale sweaty face difficulty talking, fatigue,anxiety, and difficulty concentrating. And about 15  other things. Whoa.

How to treat it

If you are wondering how to treat it. We asthmatics, We use inhalers.(Look at picture)
(Or you can use a less cool version by using pills). A inhaler is a plastic cartridge with a tiny metal bottle that squirts out medicine in a mist form.

Facts about asthma

In 2013 Asthma costed 50 billion in healthcare.1 in 5 kids in the United States has asthma. 8 Million people in America have asthma.


So as you can tell. asthma is not fun to have. Now that you have read facts how to take care of it symptoms and what it is you probably don't want asthma.


1 Chronic Something long term

2 Symptoms Things that happen to you when you have a disease

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