9 Questions About the Mali Conflict

News, CBC. "9 Questions about the Mali Conflict." CBCnews. CBC/Radio Canada, 08 May 2013. Web. 04 May 2015. <>.

The article, 9 Questions About the Mali Conflict talks about some of the issues of who started it, who is involved in it, and what this whole thing is about in the West African country Mali.

The main opponents are the Malian government, rebel groups in the north.
Other countries involved or concerned are foreign countries like France, Britain, and Canada.

The conflict is being conducted has weapons and military equipment bought from the black market, an amount of weapons were brought back from Libya by the Tuaregs, and some rebels managed to acquire weapons and military equipment left behind by retreating Malian forces. Air strikes, aerial raid, suicide bombings, land mines and attacks on the cities.

The cause of the conflict was the March 2012 military coup. The military coup removed president Amadou Toumani Touré. Military officers rose up against Touré because of his inability to contain the rebels. Because Touré left and went to Senegal he was replaced with an interim civilian administration that was headed by Dioncounda Traoré. The rebels used the coup to make s push for control in north. On April 6 declared independence for the "state of the Azawad." The country's prime minister Cheick Modibo Diarra was arrested by soldiers who were loyal to Sanogo & forced to resign because he tried to flee the country. Diarra was replaced by Django Cissoko.

The efforts that are being taken to solve the problem non-violently is that Canada sent one Royal Canadian Air Force C-17 cargo plane to Mali to transport equipment and supplies to the Malian capital Bamako. Canada provided $110 million of foreign aid to Mali. Canada is going to provide another $13 million in foreign aid. It would be $3 million for food and nutrition through the UN World Food Program, $2.5 million for health care and medical supplies, and $1 million for hygiene and sanitation promotion through World Vision Canada.

I think these peacemaking efforts from Canada are great. I really like how they have taken initiative and provided so much foreign aid to help Mali. The money they provided can really benefit the people of Mali. It is a very peaceful way to provide help instead of sending in military to go fight.

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