Move To Mesopotamia!

By.Nicole Bethel

Mesopotamia Itself is a place of discovery, the place we history began!

Location: Ancient Mesopotamia ( meaning the land between rivers ) is located in Iraq between the Tigris and Euphrates River. The map above shows more details.

Advantages: Think about it did you know that Mesopotamia is the place that created the wheel? Pretty cool huh, If it weren't for them we probably would still have to pull heavy stuff and travel to places on foot or on a horse/mule. and they invented writing too, i couldn't survive a day without writing because then there would be no books or anything! Not even the Declaration Of Independence! They also created social structure. like houses and and towns. If they didn't make social structure we could have been sleeping on the floor today. People call Mesopotamia the place were history started. People over in Mesopotamia Talk in a language called cuneiform, you should learn it before moving there. They have a building called a Ziggurat its a place where they worship the gods and they wouldn't have Ziggurats if it weren't for Polythesim it means the belief of many gods. They also made trade witch means the business of selling or exchanging items. they use irrigation systems which is an example of a means of supplying land with water. we have found many artifacts  of Mesopotamia.

this picture here is a Ziggurat.

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i hope i convinced you and i hope you will have a wonderful time in Mesopotamia!!!!  ( if you go that is)

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