Getting to know your pony

5 vocabulary words

Shying: when a pony jumps sideways.

schooling: the training of a horse for service; especially : the teaching and exercising of horse and rider in the formal techniques of equitation.

Tack: articles of harness (as saddle and bridle) for use on a saddle horse.

Paddock: where animals are kept like ponies.

Stirrup: the hoops that are attached to the saddle for your feet.

3 Interesting facts

1.Some ponies have affection for their owners.

2. Did you know ponies have Fly Masks? It helps keep the flies off the ponies face.

3. Ponies live in herds so that they can protect each other.

My personal connection with my book, Getting to know your pony, was when I once rode a horse at a friend's farm.


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