Issues presented in the documentary affecting contemporary society   

Fast food is in pretty much every country. It comes in all sorts of restaurant trains. In the Documentary SuperSize Me by Morgan Spurlock, he follows a food chain restaurant, MacDonald’s. It has multiple restaurants in almost every country. In a modern society a quick meal can easily replace cooking that you could do. It is easy simple and fast food. But constantly eating this fast food will not do you any good. Obesity is slowly on rise. In America, one third of the American population is obese or overweight.

There are several reasons why the population is slowing becoming obese. Obesity is slowing on the rise because the state of physical health and physical activity is going extinct. People are becoming very lazy and with that they would rather get fast food instead of making healthy food for themselves. Fast food is still food, and all food is tasty. When you eat fast food, since it is full of fatty foods and greasy food, it make you feel instant pleasure so that they will always want that feeling so they will eat more and more, then it will deteriorate your health.

The main reason that people are becoming overweight or obese is how early the parents of children let them have fast food. When they are young children they are introduced to fast food. They will love it and all they want to eat is fast food. So there parents let them eat fast food so that their health will deteriorate and then they gain weight. When they gain weight there physical health will go away. So they become unfit. When no physical activity is not down they will become incompetent to do anything so there parents will do most things for them. When the children have been brought up like this, they will treat their children to like how they have been and they think that is the right way to keep a healthy life.

Basically, you can have fast food, but only once in a blue moon. This is so that if you have it you can work it off and fat wont be stored. personally I only have fast food once in a while and I try and stay as healthy as possible.

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