Spartacus Proved Dead

The warrior Spartacus fighting to the death.

By Anderson Bareford

APULIA, ITALY- On January 14, 73 AD, the surviving gladiators in Spartacus' army informed us that their leader had fallen in battle. Although the body has not yet been found, the few gladiators that escaped claimed that Spartacus had been killed.

     For unknown reasons, Spartacus decided to move his troops down to southern Italy. "I had no idea what he was doing," says one of his soldiers. As soon as Spartacus arrived in Apulia, he and his troops were ambushed by a new kind of highly trained Roman forces. The gladiators were outnumbered, and unable to hold their ground.

     Spartacus only lived to be 38. It is said that he formed his army after he escaped from his gladiator training school along with other slaves. That happened about two years before his death. Many believe Spartacus did not want domination, but simply peace for him and his fellow slaves.


     ROME, ITALY- On May 17, Roman Emperor Nero built a public gymnasium. Many athletes have come to practice and improve their game.

Just yesterday, a group of boxers came and started training for their upcoming event.

Other events people have come to practice for include running and wrestling.

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