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Being Sartre is in the business of Corporate Training & Coaching specializing in the area of "Transformation". We believe that Man first of all exists, encounters himself, surges up in the world—and defines himself afterwards. Human Beings thus has the power of choice and shall be responsible for what he choose.We at Being Sartre is a complete stand for the Human Being in any area of there life and hence are committed for their Transformation. Transformational Tools powered by Being Sartre works with Individual (employee, senior executives, entrepreneurs, business owners, students etc..) and carve their dreams with the power of their choice.

Financial Transformation

Financial Transformation is a Transformational tool that drives the concept of being financially independent. A very simple concept explained with the help of Board Game, played by the individual of all ages and cadre.Players from various business, departments, cadre, areas of life, male/female come together and plays the board game. The game is conceptualized from the Indian mythology and gives the player a child like instinct to play and win.Winning in this board game is secondary in nature, most important being the insight that the player gets while playing, observing and bringing their real life, conditioning & experience of Finance / Money on the play table.The inference derived by the player while playing is real of how he or she looks Money as... after this game it has been seen that players bring abundance and treat Money as resource that can be used for wealth creation. Money starts working for them!

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