Prevail to host fourth annual ‘Spring into Fashion’ show

A Noblesville-based non-profit will host its fourth annual “Spring into Fashion” show next month.

Prevail Inc., which provides support for crime and abuse victims, will host the show, sponsored by Smith’s Jewelers, on May 14 from 10:30 a.m. until 1:00 p.m. It will take place at Woodland Country Club in Carmel. Anchor and investigative reporter Karen Hensel will emcee the event and Prevail will welcome an inspirational speaker, yet to be named.

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Prevail’s public relations coordinator, Natasha Robinson, said that the event is their third largest fundraiser, but believes it will be the second largest after this year. She says that the event is almost sold out, even before the invitations have been sent out.

“We’ve almost reached our goals for sponsorships, so it’s going to be very interesting when things hit the public, as to how many I can get in and accommodate, which is always a good problem to have. That just means we’ll have to get a bigger facility for next year,” Robinson said.

This year’s event will include shopping, a coin purse raffle provided by Saks Fifth Avenue, lunch, a runway fashion show and a charm from Smith’s Jewelers that is picked by the survivor speaker. The charm is something they feel best represents their story. What the charms are has varied each year, according to Robinson. The first year of the event saw a starfish used, the second year was a butterfly and last year’s was a compass, which represented the speaker’s life taking a new direction.

For Robinson, being part of Prevail is one that she loves, and for her, it’s about what she can do for the agency. Robinson also says she is the first to see client letters of people that Prevail has helped.

“Just being a part of someone becoming a thriver after they’ve come through our doors broken, it means a lot to me,” Robinson said.

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