When we think about our Education and how things work in our system of learning, when we are taught, it may seem useless. If one person were to think about how we learn wouldn't they want everything that we are supposed to be adding to our knowledge to deal with real life situations/life skills? Well I'd hope so or else you're wasting your life on pointless information. In the ways that we learn we are taught to be prepared for certain tests like the EOC. Every single thing that you are supposed to know on that test is meant to be memorized. Yet we memorize things during a certain time and then move on to something completely different. Reflecting off of what we have learned, look at the way we all are even communicating. Most teens don't even know how to have a real conversation face-to-face with another person without it dealing with a phone or any other technology resource. So how do our teachers and parents expect us to use imformation we are taugh in the real world when we can't even communicate? Now what standards are really causing our education to be taught to us this way?

For an example of this situation here is a Ted Talk with the speaker being Charles Leadbeater. In the description for this video it states "Charles Leadbeater went looking for radical new forms of education — and found them in the slums of Rio and Kibera, where some of the world's poorest kids are finding transformative new ways to learn. And this informal, disruptive new kind of school, he says, is what all schools need to become." I find this video very understandable when he explains what is happening in education and what needs to happen in order for something to change for the better. The most inspirational thing he stated was "why push kids to learn, when you can find something that can pull them into learning". To me i think he's trying to say that there shouldn't be a reason in a student's learning as to why they don't want to learn at all, so therefore each student should have their own way of learning things that should mean allot to them and their future career that they may dream of having. Instead of having the basic standards that every student has to learn things in only one way it should only matter as to how a student as an individual is able to learn and process educational material. Maybe if we were given this opportunity we wouldn't be scared to communicate in person when we're given information we're confident about.


Some positives of our way education is being taught to us is...

*Being prepared


*Having something to reflect off of


*Lack of life skills

*Information being taught that doesn't involve a student's future

*Not grabbing a Student's attention because of misunderstanding in the way information is taught

*No good reason that encourages a student to want to learn the information being taught.


They way eduction is being taught in our world compared to Fahrenheight 451 is the fact that their government doesn't want citizens to be given certain information.

For The Unidentified it relates to how each person wants to learn specific things do they can get the job or position they want but can't because they are required to only do gaming and increase their popularity to get somewhere in their future.   

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