Encouraging Others

How can you encourage others?


Dance to your own music!

K-2 Discussion Questions

Describe what happened when Gerald tried to dance?

Why did he want to dance?

How did Gerald feel when he first arrived at the dance? Why did he feel that way?

Collaborative Pairs-When have you felt like Gerald - wanting to do something that EVERYONE else could do and you weren’t very good at it?

The other animals were unkind when it was Gerald’s turn to dance. Describe what they did and said that was unkind.

How did it make Gerald feel when they were unkind to him?

How did the kind, encouraging words change how Gerald felt?

Cricket treated Gerald very differently from the other animals. What did he do and say to be kind to Gerald?


NED is struggling with a math problem and wants to give up. Someone says – just give up – you will never get it. How does NED feel?

2. NED is a very good artist – his work was just selected for the art show. Someone says: “Great work NED.” How does NED feel?

3. NED is learning how to jump rope. He can’t quite get the jumping right and keeps tripping on the rope. His friend tells him, “You almost had it – keep trying.” How does NED feel?

4. NED knows he can sing a song but has forgotten the words. His classmates laugh at him but one friend encourages him to try again-You can do it! How does NED feel?