AIDS from the inside

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A lot of people might think that the human immunodeficiency virus is not really an actual reality and is disappearing in the industrialized countries as the Canada. There are actually more than 70 000 people that are infected by this terrible disease. My colleagues and I had the chance to assist to a conference on HIVs and AIDS that was given by two men that were infected. We heard there incredible stories and we learned how they did to live with it and how they managed to live a happy life. The first man we met had one of the worst stories I have ever heard. This man had an awful childhood. He was abused mentally and physically until the age of 7 when he finally escaped from his house for many reasons. One of those was that when he was doing something bad, like insulting his sister, he was putted in a cage for dogs as punishment. It was a hard start in this world… After this, he travelled between 21 different houses where he was also abused physically, mentally and sexually. He decided to live by his own at the age of 16 when it was legally accepted. Because of a lack of education, he felt into the world of prostitution and drugs. He was lucky to receive help from different organizations as ACCM Montreal, which is an organization based on volunteering that helps people with AIDS. He got out of the street with the help of them and started a new and almost normal life. Groups as ACCM are changing lives of thousands of people across the country. In the case of the speaker, ACCM did not only change his life, but saved it. And this something we have to encourage if we want to eliminate this disease so that stories like his never happen again.

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