Moon, Earth, and Sun

By: Hailey Vargo

Moon Phases video.

moon phases: The moon appear to change shape because we see different parts of the lit part as the moon orbits around the earth.

Earth, Moon, and Sun

Section 1/ Earth in Space

1.How does earth move in space?

Earth moves throughout space in two major ways: rotation and revolution.

2.What causes the cycle of seasons on earth?

Earth has seasons because it's axis is tilted as it revolves around the sun.

Section 2/ Gravity and Motion

1. what determines the strength of the force between two objects?

The strength of the force of gravity between two objects depends on two factors: the masses of the the two objects and the distance between them.

2. What two factors are combined to keep the earth and moon in orbit?

Inertia and gravity are combined to keep earth in orbit around the sun and to keep the moon in orbit around the earth.

Section 3/ Phases, Eclipses, And Tides

1.What causes the phases of the moon?

The phases of the moon depends on how much sunlit side of the moon faces earth.

2. What are solar and lunar eclipse?

When the moon's shadow hits earth or the earth's shadow hits the moon a eclipse occurs.

3. Whats causes the tides?

Tides are caused mainly by the differences in how much the moons gravity pulls on different parts of the earth.

Section 4/ Earth's Moon

1. What features are found on the moon's surface?

   Features found on the moon's surface included Maria, craters, and highlands.

2. What are some characteristics of the moon?

    The moon is dry and airless. Compared to Earth, the moon is small and has large                  variations in it's surface temperature.

3. How did the moon form?

    Scientists theorize that a planet-size object collided with earth to form the moon.

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