The Tsafhcet Club

(Reverse Techfast Club)

Tuesday, February 17, 2015-7:30 am

We will be discussing tech YOU use in the classroom.  What is an app, website, trick/item, etc. that you have found to be helpful/fun/educational/silly?  We will be sharing these with the group.  For what was shared, see below.

Attendance and lunch can be done through here.  Keep track of a lot of your student communication as well.

Vocaroo (Web Based)
Free web based audio recording.  Jichelle used this in writing.  She had the students record themselves as they read their narratives and it helped them to see what they would need to do to improve them.

Airdrop (on iPad, iPhone)
Easily share photos, videos, and contacts.  Both people have their Airdrop turned on and use the box with an arrow to share certain items wirelessly. You can send photos, files, contacts, etc.