"The end"

This day my heart was both ruined and healed, knowing the fact that forever would now never have a chance to exist between out worlds. Indeed the pain was greater than I have imagined, yet decisions had to be made. In this day I'll yield my heart as I go through this dark ending of us.

It never was my intention to break your heart for no valid reason at all, I ought to do it to set you from the pain that I could have given you, to free you from the cells in which you try to escape. You do not know the pain as I utter the words, the agony that kept on banging beneath the walls of my heart.

I cried my heart out as i suffer from the regrets of my doings. Remembering your sweetest smiles made the pain even more unbearable, your scent that once enticed me now deepens my sorrow as I venture on.

You were once the apple of my eye, the siomai to my gulaman and the palaman to my tinapay... In short, you you were the one to give color to my life. You cherished me more than anyone could, you became my wall when I was weak, and the shoulder that kept me in times of despair. Yet such day comes along to put an end to once our happy life.

I chose to make such actions for i can see you falling apart with me, it was as if I was ruining your once simple life. Your smiles turned slowly into frown, your actions changed along with everything that once put me to spell unto falling in-love with you, and I see those as my doings.

Your needs and wants does not comply with me by your side. I can see myself as a wall that blocks the beauty of life away from you, and it breaks my heart to see so.

This day I assure the ending of everything. I will now leave you with such thoughts, with no regrets and pleading for you to once again come back to me. To see you happy already means the world to me, and i'd do anything to keep that smile from your face, even if it costs my own happiness.

thank you hunn for everything. I loved you with all of my heart, and no regrets are with that. I wish you all the best.

"mahal na mahal kita hunn :") i'm sorry ha? sana one day mapatawad mo din ako. i love you so so so so so much :"* . "