6 traits of writing

word choice
sentence fluency

By Lisset Hernandez

The six traits of writing are......




    word choice



    Idea is where the message or theme of the writing is. It tell about the focus and details specific. Lastly the idea is when you are showing and telling the story.

   The picture of the light bulb represents the idea because usually when someone has an idea in a T.V. show it shows a light bulb. That is why I put it to represent the idea.


Organization is where you compare and contrast in the story. The organization is the time sequence. Lastly the organization is what engages the reader with the opening and the conclusion.

The picture in that represents this idea is a reminder that tells the writer what to check to see if they have organization. For example in the graph it tells the reader to check

How does the paper begin with?

Did I tell things in order?

Does everything link to my message? And

How does my paper end?


This is a diagram of what usually should go to your mind in voice

Voice is where the audience is hooked by the story. It's how you tell the story. When someone tells a story they use expression to tell the story. Voice is how the writer feels about the story.

This picture represents voice because it tells a few details of what should be in your paper if you want voice...

Do I really like this paper?

Does this sound like me?

How do I want my readers to feel?

My favorite part is........

Word Choice

Word Choice

Word choice is the colorful language that communicates, mixes and enlightens the reader. Writers use word choice to create an image in the readers head and they use it to clarify and expand the idea.

The picture I used for word choice is an example of word choice. In the bubble it says that word choice is colorful language and that words should not be repeated in order to enlighten the reader. You need the words to make the image in the readers head.

1) The Titanic ship was a big ship that sunk in the ocean.

2)The Titanic ship was a colossal ocean liner that sunk into the abyss of the sea.

Sentance Fluncey

Sentence fluency is how the story has rythem and how the language flows. Varied in length is one of the things you need in sentence fluency. But most importantly (in my opinion) it is how you created the story: is you did it creative etc.

I used a diagram of what usually should go through your head when you are writing or reading sentence fluency.

*Sentences begin differently.

*Use a mix of short and long senences.

*Sentence flow.

use a varitey of types of sentences.

Conventions are.........


Conventions are the basics of writing. It is paragraphing, spelling, grammer, and punctuation.

I put a diagram of what usually is conventions to show this part of writing. In the diagram it tells you typical stuff like:

*Did I leave spaces?

*Did I use a title?

*Did I use capitals?

*Could another person read it?

*Is it easy to read? And

*Did I use punctuation?

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