Geometry All Around Us Project

BY: Kelly Wyman

Problem One

Q: The wires are parallel to each other, and the pole is a transversal. Find the value of X. How you know?

A: X= 32 degrees because corresponding angles are congruent.

Problem Two

Q: Are the pink lines parallel, perpendicular, skew, or oblique?

A: Perpendicular because when the lines meet, they form two right angles.

Problem Three

If a girl jumps off a diving board, then she will land in the pool.

Q: State the inverse of the above statement.

A: If a girl does not jump off a diving board, then she will not land in the pool.

Because an inverse statements in when you negate the hypothesis and conclusion.

Problem Four

Q: What is this above building demonstrating?

A: A tessellation because a tessellation is when you have a bunch of the same shape put together, it makes a bigger form of that shape.

Problem Five

Q: Is this an example of an included angle, or included side?

A: Included side because and included side is the side between two angles.

Problem Six

Q: Can the pink side of the house tessellate?

A: No because a pentagon can not tessellate. No matter how many pentagons you put together, it will never make a larger pentagon.

Problem Seven

Q: Which type of triangle is this?

A: This is an acute equilateral triangle because all angles are acute and all sides are equal

Question Eight

Q: Solve for X

A: X= 23 becuase When you all all you the angle measurments together they will equal 180 degreese

Question Nine

Q: How do you know that the above lines are parallel?

A: They are parallel because corresponding angles are congruent.

Question Ten

Q: Given the above information, prove that triangle ABC is congruent to triangle ADC

A: Below

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