Spirit Animals Wild Born

Jacob Reese

Have you ever wondered what turns a normal person or even an abnormal person into a hero? Brandon Mull shows you the adventure of semi-normal people and their spirit animals do amazing things.

Spirit Animals Wild Born is about four kids from different places who get special spirit animals. Their spirit animals are “the fallen four” who is an eagle a panda a leopard and a wolf. In the past they stopped the Devourer (the bad guy) from taking over. Now the Devourer is back so these four kids and the revived fallen four go collect talismans from great beasts. Great beasts are the strongest kind of holy like animals that are like the fallen four.

The characters are all very unique and are from different places and wealth. One example is Meilien who is the rich girl who knows it all and is pretty but very feisty and a good fighter, compared to Rolan who is the orphan boy running on the streets who tries to be kind and not steal, but ends up doing it anyways so he’s more of a runner than a fighter. So when they combine their skills they are unstoppable.

Spirit Animals has also been turned into a game where you create your spirit animal and character and fight the Devourer’s minions. This helps make the story last by making it changeable and interactive. What also makes the story last is that each book they collect one talisman of twelve, but the books make it feel like they collect one talisman for every three books so the story’s seem longer which is great because a lot of people want and love a story that’s interesting but doesn’t end and keeps on going. Also the author makes each talisman seem so far away but in the very end of the book they finally get it when it seemed that all hope was lost.

I recommend this book to anyone who enjoys well told adventures with people and animals. Hopefully you will enjoy Spirit Animals Wild Born, just like I did. If I had to rate Spirit Animals Wild Born out of 10 with 1 being terrible and 10 being perfect it would be a 9.5.

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