Mrs. Vande Hei's Newsletter
April 27th-May 1st

If you are like me, you might be asking yourself where the month of April went. WOW! IT is hard to believe that we are on our final month of school. I recently finished PALS testing with the kids and was amazed at how much growth they have made since the beginning of the year. You all have much to be proud of with your children! Don't forget to tell them that!


We are continuing to review our Heart Words and reading strategies learned this year. We need to remember them and use them when we are reading. We will be talking about blends such as sl, st, wr, br as knowing these will help us with tougher words. Keep reading 20 minutes a day with your child at home. It really does make a difference!


We are continuing our study of habitats. We have discussed backyards and ponds. We will be learning about Woodlands, Rainforests, Deserts, the Arctic, and Oceans. The kids are doing an awesome job so far! We are also planting grass and beans and talking about what plants need in order to live and grow. Hopefully soon they will have some plants to bring home!


In math we have been working hard on understanding word problems. We spent some time this week deciding on whether we needed to add or subtract in the problem. We will continue working on these types of problems along with reviewing all of the math concepts we have learned this year! We also learned how to make a 10 in an equation when one of the numbers is 9. For example 9 + 6 = ? An easier way to solve this problem is to think of it as 10 + 5 = ? Many students caught on quickly to this!

Lego Robotics

On Thursday, the students got to spend time with Mrs. Rank, our GT specialist. They worked with a partner to follow directions on how to put together a Lego system which was then programmed by a battery pack. The battery then made the gears turn and parts of the Lego moved. It was pretty neat to see the students problem solve and persevere when things got difficult! These are 21st Century Skills that we want all of our students to be able to be successful in achieving.

Teaming Up With 3rd Grade

Since we were all a little hesitant to investigate the live worms, we decided to ask our neighbors across the hall for a little help with our math/science lesson. Mr. Harris and his students were more than happy to help us out with our measurement activity. As you can see from the photos, fun was had by all!

Spring Dance Raffle Basket

Our class is putting together a picnic basket, full of goodies to be raffled off and won at the Spring Dance. We need your help in supplying the items! Please see the note that was sent home in the Wednesday folder for ideas. Items are needed by Friday, May 8th.