Ketchum Solar Powerd Atvs
By Lawson Ketchum

Business description

Mercury is a wonderful place to build a business.My business sells Atvs, 4wheelers and side by side. They travel across the crates. My company is called Ketchum Solar Powerd Atvs. We sell Atv oil and presher washers across mercury.The side by sides go in the creates ,and do not get stuck. They come in many sizes and colors. The size of the them are 250 to 650,and the colors are yellow,green,and,black.  Come on and take a look!

priceing page

4wheeler  $17,456

side by side  $19,000

oil  $5.00            $ 2/3 is for 5.00

gas can   $3.00

presher washer   $24.oo

Engines $108.oo

tires  $80.oo

parts $7.00

letter to customer

134 planet rd.

mercury,solar system 49878

jan 27,2015

Dear Customer,

Come to my shop because i have the best ATVS  and side by sides. You will not have to walk because it can take you where you want to go. It can take you mud riding. You can get muddy and it will get muddy to. Then you can buy a presher washer to clean the 4 wheeler. Lastly these are the solar powerd atvs on mercury.