Not so good check out experience

This was my first time in this property and it will be the last. First the good things, some of the people show a very good attitude for service (as usual inHF Fenix Lisboa), then the swimming pool is very good and well managed. Room is well appointed.
Then, the not so good things:
1) The coffee shop is not so good. Not a good selection for breakfast, like absence of low fat yogourt, a very poor selection of cheese and one of the worst coffee I even been served in China.
2) Buffet dinner is rather expensive for what you get (288 RMB without drinks).
3) The worst is the experience at check out as I did at 5.30am, so at that time they have only one person attending guests, so if you have an earlier flight you need to wait for the person in front of you to finish (I am wonder why they have 20 people during the day around the lobby and only 1 person in the morning to do the check out for guests).
Then I asked for wake up call at 4.30am and nobody called me, so don't trust this service or you may miss your morning flight.
And the worst was the taxi I booked the night before to go to airport at 5.30am, as without telling me they put me in a kind of special taxi that while using a meter it costs me 172 RMB when using a regular taxi may cost around 100 RMB at that time, and of course the taxi cannot produce a proper invoice, so this makes you feel like a scam and give me a very bad impression of this property as this never happened to me before in a SL property in China, so be aware about this situation if you book a taxi to go to airport in the morning.

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