Mousse et Chocolat
made by: Glennae Cook

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dans un grande bol. je verse la créme, la vanielle et le sel. je mélange. dans un grande bol. je verse les oeufs et le sucre. je mélange. verse la chocolat. je mélange.

Chocolate Mousse originated in the 17th century and was used by french chefs. They got the name mousse because it means foam. that name actually originated in France in the 18th century. Once they figured out that they could mix in chocolate they got the dish "mousse et chocolat" The first time that chocolate mousse was known in the united states was in 1892 and has took off since then.

original recipe:

chocolate mousse history:

1 2/3 tasse de créme
2 cuillère a café de vanille
demi a café de sel
4 oeufs
demi tasse de sucre
1 chocolat

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