Duke Energy's Environmental Violations

Morgan White

    Duke Energy is liable for the clean up in the Dan river because they dumped the coal ash illegally. They had been given at least eight notices within the span of a single month about the violations, but they did nothing to stop it. They only stopped for brief periods of inspection that they were given warnings for.

     Duke Energy situation relates with business ethics and responsibility because it was ethically wrong when they dumped the coal ash into the Dan River, and that makes them responsibly for cleaning it up. The socially responsible thing to do would have been for them not to even dump the coal ash, but since they did they should now chose to do the socially responsible thing and clean up the mess that they intentionally and illegally made.

Dan River in Relation with Winston Salem.

  So far there have not been samples found that show the coal ash spill has not yet affected the drinking water of the Cape Fear area. Citizens are rightfully concerned about what is going to be done.

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