California all-stars Smoed


The sport

Smoed is no baseball team, football team, or any other ordinary boring sport. They are the most outrageous sport of all Cheerleaders!!! No not the go team ya rah rah rah kind of cheerleaders. Get it straight this is all-star cheer!


  • Eddie Rios
  • Orby Orda

Famous Team Members

Some of the famous team members on Smoed this year are:

  • Gabi Butler
  • Madi and Jenee
  • Robert Scianna
  • Kiara Knowlin
  • And more...


California all-stars Smoed is a level 5 coed team. that means they are very good and can do fulls, layouts,tucks, punch front step outs, and more. you can also do a lot of hard stunts in level 5 too.

TV show

The Smoed TV show is on Awesomeness TV . The Show is called Cheerleaders and it is about there practices and big cheer competitions they have and go to.


Smoed has won many competitions. Some of the biggest Competitions in the world. they have won competitions like... NCA, Worlds,majors,Sharp International, and many more.

Sorces Used

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