Summer 2013

The tan lines will fade, but the memories will last forever!

  • The beach
  • SlingshotVomatron
  • Slingshot

This summer I went to Panama City, Florida with my parents and Hunter. We did lots of things at the beach. We rode a ride called The Slingshot. This ride was a slingshot that shot us 300 ft in the air faster than 100 mph! The second ride we rode was The Vomatron. This was a ride that spun you higher than 200 ft in the air going 100 mph. It would spin you one way and as soon as you thought it was over, they started spinning you the other way! We did many more things and rode more rides but those were by far my two favorites.

The Sky's no limit!!

The Slingshot!

The Vomatron!

Me and Hunter on The Vomatron! (:

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