On a Tuesday morning people were going to work, they just woke up as if that day was going to be a normal day. At airports on the east coast there were 19 terrorist boarding American flights, The day of 9/11 was just a normal day for everyone in New York city people would never think of something like that happening to them.

When the two towers were hit with two planes everyone was amazed people even thought that it was an accident, but then the second tower hit, everyone knew after that moment that America was under attack.

But before the attacks everyone would joke about hijackings or people terrorizing places America would never think of someone doing that.

America would never think of something like that happening to them and that they were so hated and didn't even know it, comic books would make fun of hijacking planes  because we would never think of that happening.

The day after 9/11 was a sad day for America thousands of people were dead the day before, 100s and 100s of rescue crew gone in the debris.

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