The Berlin Wall

Cassidy Turner, Hour One

The picture above shows Berlin split into the two sides.

Who: The US, France, and Britain all controlled East Berlin and the Soviet Union controlled West Berlin. The Wall itself was built by the German government.

Where: The Berlin Wall was built down the middle of Berlin, Germany.

When: The Wall started being built on August 13, 1961 and was destructed on November 9, 1989.

What: The Berlin Wall was built to separate Berlin into two sides. After it was destructed, Berlin was reunited as one city, one Capitol once again and it was controlled by itself, which meant the US, France, Britain, and the Soviet Union were no longer had force.

Why: It was built to separate Berlin into two sides, the East and West, for the Soviet Union to rule on side (the East) and for the US, France, and Britain to rule the West side.

This picture shows each section that each country/union ruled.

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