Animals Of War

All types of Animals were used in war, like this dog in the above picture.

Dogs were an important part of war. Man and dog have been one for a long time. Some people don't even know that dogs were used in the Civil War, but they were and were a big help.

They helped with guarding solider's, weapons, supplies, attacking, and even guarding the dead. Sometimes they even did more then the average solider. There are many famous war dogs, such as "Jack".  Jack was a stray bulldog that at first was mistreated by some fireman, but he ended winning the hearts of all of them. When the time called that his fellow fireman had to go to war, so did Jack. Jack would only follow the men in the 102nd. He ended up being a prisoner of war and kept the moral up of the others. Near the end of the war he was never found and was killed.

Horses in the war

Horses were used in many wars, including the civil war. They were an important part of any war, used for carrying people and supplies as well as in general to be faster. Many horses were used on both sides, but the North had an incredible amount. About double the size of the south, the North had about 3.4 million horses. The South didn't care for horses as much as the North, which was a bad choice. The horses had to be specific in the way that they are built for example,  "The horse for artillery service should be from fifteen to sixteen hands high ... should stand erect on his legs, be strongly built, but free in his movements; his shoulders should be large enough to give support to the collar but not too heavy; his body full, but not too long; the sides well rounded; the limbs solid with rather strong shanks, and the feet in good condition. To these qualities he should unite, as much as possible, the qualities of the saddle horse; should trot and gallop easily, have even gaits and not be skittish." -

Horses were very important during the war and there were many.

Lastly some animals were used as mascots to bring up moral. There were all types of animals brought as pets, some of which were very unique. Above there is a bird, there pretty common mascots so many people brought them along. Some of the very unique mascots are camels, and yes camels were pretty rare but were used. These are the mascots of the civil war.

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