Give priority to with defense of Fifa Coins

Midfielder was Barcelona pull J Ronaldo, Kitty, real Madrid, sevilla's kerry hovey ark. In the case of Harvey gradually fade out the main body, Kitty, good organization task took the midfield, Croatia's la liga this season 5 ball 7 assists, grab the ball 136 times, defensive effect is obvious. J Ronaldo although only 27 appearances this season, but the performance of 13 goals in Cheap FIFA Coins. Sevilla kerry hovey ark is a very good defensive midfielder, 2014-15 la liga season 108 steals, 68 clearance, 52 violated, is merry team within China and Pakistan and escort.

Frontline is Lionel messi, cristiano ronaldo, Gerry boltzmann, messi scored from 43 in 2014-15 la liga, assists, 18 out of 95 times a threat to pass, is the Spanish man and a number. Cristiano ronaldo this season Spain scored 48, for two consecutive years to la liga the golden shoe award and tied pele 16 assists also create a personal best. Gerry boltzmann scored 22 goals, was their top scorer. Omar is not within the team, though Brazil young Spanish 7 assists the data of 22 goals, not inferior in fifacionsingamesofcheap, but considering the atletico Madrid is given priority to with defense, attack on set pieces is depressing, Gerry's 22 goals seem more valuable.

Manager of the suspense, ancelotti enrique victory over real Madrid, sevilla, Mr Merry won the 2014-15 la liga season best coach to Buy Fifa 15 Accounts with Accounts. La liga this season, Barcelona 30 about 4 4, plus the champions league and king's cup champion, enrique Barcelona debut at the season with limitless scenery.