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No tobacco-No Nicotine-No Tar-No Second Hand Smoke

         Platinum E-Hookah is now accepting International Wholesale & Distributor accounts!

Platinum E-Hookah offers two styles for your smoking pleasure. The Platinum Lux and the Platinum E contain a great deal of flavor & release a large amount of vapor. All styles are disposable with no nicotine, ash, charcoal, tobacco, tar and no second hand smoke. The Platinum Lux is more luxurious with its diamond style crystal tip that lights up in addition to the diamond on the body. The Platinum Lux offers four flavors with up to 600 puffs. This is our look at me E-Hookah, this is the most in demand e-hookah in night clubs & casinos. The Platinum E light up in one spot with a plastic style tip and offers 5 flavors with up to 500 puffs. Each 20 unit variety display box offers several of each flavor in every box.  


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