Summary and Analysis Project

by Brian Bowles

Sarah kept her most sincere thoughts in a diary.

Chapter 4: "The Calm Before the Storm"

Chapter 4 begins with...

Then this happens...

After that, chaos ensues...

Finally, it is revealed that...

There is much irony in the fact that many slave owners were so "religious."

Analysis: The Wild World of Women

Intro: hook and statement, novel title, author, critical theory or lens you're examining the excerpt through, theme you're trying to prove and how you may do so.

Your excerpt: how that theme evolves or develops in your excerpt, how looking through that lens especially reveals information from "between the lines," and maybe what that says about the theme in general, one direct or paraphrased passage/quotation from that chapter should help support your stance.

Overall: now zoom out and give 2-3 examples of how that theme is true across the entire story, extend that scope of your lens and examine the novel as a whole text (where else, specifically is your theme proven true according to your critical theory?

Conclusion: restate what you've proven, express the theme in common everyday language, tell me why it was important to look at your excerpt (or the entire book) through that lens and what a reader will find if he or she does so him or herself.

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