European Explorer(Portugal)

Today I embark on a great adventure that will bring not only unimaginable riches to my King and country but will open up new lands and people to Christianity. With my newly improved sea charts, detailed maps and incredible instruments, I will be able to navigate quicker and more effectively. My ship is larger, stronger and better than any of the other ships that have sailed before me. Surely, my ship and crew will reach Asia and establish an extremely profitable trade that will ensure numerous opportunities for Portugal's increased wealth and expansion. I hope to find a safer and quicker route that will guide others after me.  My country will reap the profits from the spices and riches I will bring back.  No longer will the Muslims benefit from selling us spices.  We will control the trade and profits.   There must be new and exotic lands that have yet to be discovered, and I will claim them for Portugal.  Christianity will be spread throughout the world, and my country will benefit not only spiritually but economically.  Hopefully, we can establish treaties that ensure Portugal's control of trade.  We will create the largest trading empire in Europe and Asia, all in the name of my country.  No doubt other countries, upon hearing of Portugal's success, will be envious and attempt their own exploration into these new areas. So, I must be diligent in claiming these routes and riches. Portugal will be famous throughout the world for its innovations in ship building, sailing and exploration.  Our wealth will be unmatched, and God will generously bless our King and country for spreading his holy word.

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