Protect Our Human Rights

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History and time

Through out the years of society we all seen the good and the bad. Seeing these changed over time for the greater good. As you all know about the riots  going on for the past year and a half we see people of color getting mad  at cops "for what?" Yo may ask. Well for a common race fight between people of color and caucasion cops for one simple word "racism'' which people have been dealing with for years.  Unarmed African American men, women, and child are being killed by cops. People say its because an older history that was in America during the 1960's with the Jim crow laws and all. It really changed America for a while until now...

Our natural rights

This violation of human rights committed by cops these days were over looked. We the people are supposed to be protect, innocent until proven guilty especially when unarmed. Like today you see on T.V. with these riots starting because an African American was unarmed and killed. In this society today many people know it's wrong even if you're a cop to kill someone unless the threat was unsafe (as in about to kill you).

After violation

Afterwards we can see how many people reacted and it was through violence. The pain and suffering through those who were killed made the Black Community furious. This act violated by cops  mad the community more scared of cops than safe. The fear of just walking your dog without being stopped by a cop gave a reason for people to stay indoors. Paranoia surrounded the air and no one could escape. Many believed the goal of the shootings were out of fear because of a reputation or stereotype or just complete dominance.  People fearing cops mad it easier for us to get pushed over and submit to the law with no ifs, ands or buts.


 People tried to end this violation the first time was peace by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Now many years later (2014) people are now trying to solve this issue by force a.k.a rioting. There is no global response because no one is leading them to the right path no one can control a riot their already broke there's no turning back for a response. No responses have been effective except for more police throwing tear gases and beating more people and that doesn't even help its like adding fire to an ants nest they'll just get more angry.


The only way to have a equal life throughout America and the world is peace. Like Dr.  Martin Luther King Jr. With the right guidance people are able to march with a civilized manner. No one guiding these people (as you can see) leads to more and more anger building soon its going to be the government next if something is done to stop this.

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2 years ago

Good start, but what article from the Declaration of Human Rights is being violated?