New York

Albany, New York is the place where dreams are no longer dreams they are real

  1. By Liberty Henstrom and Maddie Struthers
map of New York

This is the map the state of New York. The capital of New York is Albany. That is where the star is in the picture above.   

Physical Features

Niagara falles

Niagara Falls is where happiness is always shared. New York is home of the great water fall. There are lots of trees and some grass.



A bird eye view of New York

The highest temperature in New York was 108 and the coldest one was -52 F. In the picture you can see that there are lots of buildings. There are all kinds of buildings, like big, small, low and high. There is not that much space in between the buildings, so it gets hot there.    

Natural Resources

In New York, One of the great resources is the great water fall in Niagara Falls.  Some  other examples of natural resources are: forests, watersheds, estuaries, rivers, and lakes.