Mik's Goals


I want to learn about healthy eating.

social studies

i want to learn about the world.

social behaviors

i want to make more responsible choices with what i do and say.


i want to get better at all of my math facts.

class troubles

i want to try and talk less in class and i want to learn and listen better and not talk to my neighbors when it is working time and i want to have a better attitude when i want to not do something and that is my goals i hope you enjoyed my dedication and my goals for 4th grade

By Mik

how to have good and resposable habbits in the classroom.

New food can be scary to try them nad all you need is a little bit of a bit and it may become your favorite food.

the right thing to eat.

how to ovoid bullies and i had been bullied before and it is not fun.

Now is the age when you start think what do I what to be when I grow up