Evaluate Movie Poster- Coach Carter

The Coach Carter poster is a good example of a good movie poster design strategy. This poster gives some idea of what the movie is about because it has a coach and his team running in the background. You can tell from this poster that this movie is about a team with a new coach and a new style of play that they are adjusting to. It also has a few key scenes on the bottom row that also gives idea of what the movie is about. The quote in the middle of the poster grabs my attention, another good asset movie posters need. This movie poster also makes me want to see this movie because I’m very interested in sports movies, especially basketball ones. It also makes me want to see it because I wonder what is so special about Coach Carter. What does he do to make this team better or maybe worse? You can tell he is a big part of this movie, but I wonder if it’s in a good way or a bad one.

Evaluate Movie Trailer- Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

This movie trailer is on Marvel’s Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier. First of all, it teases the plot line very well. You can see that there is a problem and some type of war going on. They leave it at that though, because they want to make you come and see the movie so you know how the war started, why it started, or what is causing it. I think various parts of the climax are shown. They show Captain America running with his partner talking about what guys to shoot. I think that part is just before the climax begins. Then, they also show cars blowing up, people getting hit and other war-like things. These are all examples of parts in the climax. Lastly, the clips in this trailer gave a good general feel to the movie. It is going to be a very action packed, exciting movie. Lots of clips show very fast-paced action in them, and I imagine that is what most of this movie will consist of.

Top 3 Movie Marketing Strategies

In my opinion, the top three movie marketing strategies are advertising, social media, and a movie website. First, one of the best ways to get a movie out is to advertise it. You can use billboards, commercials, and many other ways. Lots of movies start advertising months before the movie comes out, and continue to advertise throughout the time the movie is out. Next, you can use various social media sites to help get your movie some publicity. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram are very good examples of popular sites to get your movie out. You can post links to trailers on social media, post pictures of scenes, and much more. It’s a great way to connect with mainly younger people. Lastly, you can create a website for the movie itself. People can check it out and look at all the things about the movie such as actors, behind the scenes action, and more. Many movies make their own website to help promote the movie. These are all great ways to help promote your movie and make it more popular.

Factors That Contribute to Theme Park Success

There are lots of factors that contribute to a theme parks success. First, you need to have a unique selling proposition. For example, you could have the most rides of any park, or the fastest ride in the state. This will attract people to that particular ride which will get them to spend more money on other activities in the park. Next, you need to get your visitors to stay longer and not have to wait in line as long. Try and limit the amount of time waiting in lines as much as you possibly can. Also, because visitors don’t visit theme parks often, you can have a hotel built within a few miles of the park. Another thing you can do is vary the price and use a good pricing strategy. You can ask for a higher price on weekends and lower on weekdays. You could also do a seasonal pricing strategy and have the price be higher in the summer than the spring and fall. That can help you make more money. Theme parks need a lot of factors in order for them to make money, and be popular.

The Way Movies Could be Accessed by Customers

I see movies being accessed in one major way in the future, and that is over places like Netflix. Netflix is getting more and more popular lately and they have pretty much all the shows, movies, and T.V. series in there program. There are lots of different movie choices on Netflix, and they usually come onto Netflix within about 6-12 months after the movie is in theaters. I am guessing that Netflix will change to releasing the movies sooner so customers won’t have to wait as long. If they can get movies on there within a couple months it will become even more popular than it already is. Many people would rather pay the low fee for Netflix and be able to watch all the movies a little later than they come out, than go to an expensive movie theater to buy a ticket, in my opinion. Netflix makes watching movies a lot easier and it will continue to grow into an even more popular company.

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