Dear Miss Ugly,

How would you like it if you saw a disgrace like your face whilst going to the ball? Every time you walk past the the community, either someone faints or just has nightmares forever. So it is a must that you shall never show your face in public again. Every time your eyes glance at a piece of glass it shatters. It happens time and time again, doesn't it bore you to wreck every single bottle,cup and window in town. Well, we can’t let you do that today or any other day.There have been far too many complaints about nightmares. Unfortunately you're the cause of the nightmares because of your excessive facial hair and oodles of skin tacks. That’s the reason the cow jumped over the moon! So the citizens of the public and town all agree that you should have to wear a mask over your face or never go out in public again.

Firstly, I would like to talk about every time you walk past glass it shatters. One time when the queen was walking past you said hello but when she turned around her glasses broke because you are so ugly. That just makes this town and every one who lives here look bad. So that this being the case 89.7% of people think that you must wear a mask over your face.

Secondly, Everyone in town who has a child under the age of 28 has had a serious nightmare and they have seen you and your the reason because of your oodles of skin tacks and facial hair. If you think nightmares aren't serious you're wrong you won’t want to go outside ever again. So for the children you are never allowed in public with your face showing ever again.

To conclude, Other people and i strongly believe that you should never show your face in public ever again because of these reasons nightmares and broken glass.You are never allowed to show your face in public ever again. SINCERELY THE UGLY STEP SISTER

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