Biotic factors: Living factors in an ecosystem

Animals                         Plants

jaguars                          Banana                  
sloths                             Orchid
monkeys              Brazil Nut tree
frogs                              Poinsettia
birds                              Cacao
gorilla                            Heliconia

Abiotic Factors: Non - living factors in an ecosystem

Humid temperature
Dry Air

Carrying Capacity

-The largest individuals a species can hold

The resources a organism needs to survive are food, water, shelter, and space

Lemur population

Lemurs live in trees and spend most of their days in trees. Lemurs diet consist of 95% bamboo and 5% fruits but since trees are being cut down the lemur population is decreasing.

Limiting factors in the Rainforest

A factor that limits the growth of a certain population

Some examples of limiting factors in the rainforest are the cutting of trees, natural disasters, predators, etc.

Predator/Prey Relationship

Like the boa of the rainforest eats mice, so if the boa population increases then the mice population would decrease. But if something like a tropical storm which is really common to happen in a tropical rainforest then the boa with be effected because heir is barely any food if the mice are gone so their would be more competition.

Energy Roles

Their are many trophic levels are a rainforest. These levels are producers, primary consumers, secondary consumers, and territory consumers. A producer would be a Cacao. A primary consumer would be a mouse. Secondary consumer would be a bird. A tertiary consumer would be a jaguar.

Food Chains and Webs

A Food web is more realistic than a food chain because a food webs shows more possibilities and more organisms.

In this food web if you removed the jaguar their would be an increase in the Red-Eyed Tree Frog population.

The tertiary consumers would be the least because they eat a lot of organisms and the tertiary consumers wouldn't have a lot of enemies accept humans.

Trophic Levels and Energy Pyramids

The reason you would use a pyramid instead of any other shape is because the pyramid shows the biggest to the smallest organisms. And they also shows the amount of energy is in each level and how much is being transferred which is 10% of what the organisms they ate contained.

The bigger the consumer the more energy it needs so because the organisms at the base provide for each level that goes up and the higher you get the more energy you need.


This is the chemical equation for photosynthesis 6CO2 + 6H20 --- C6H12O6 + 6O2

Things that are needed for photosynthesis are water, Carbon dioxide, and sunlight.

The thing that are produced by photosynthesis are glucose and oxygen.

Photosynthesis takes place in the chloroplasts.


Tropisms - Turning or bending movement of an organism toward or away of a external stimulus. Examples of this in the rainforest would be geotropism or hydrotropism.

Plants move toward light which help them to survive because in the rainforest the lowest level of plants sometimes need to bend toward light.


Decomposers are important to an ecosystem. Without decomposers no plants would get any nutrients and the plants would die and then herbivores would die. Then the other consumers would die off.

Some decomposers are termites, mushrooms, worms, leaf beetles, etc.


Adaptation help an organisms by genetically modifying an organisms body to help them to survive in a certain ecosystem. Like tigers have teeth and claws and those adaptations help it rip apart their prey so it can eat them which help them survive.

Tigers have sharp teeth so they can rip apart prey. Vines travel to the top to get the sunlight on the highest canopy.

If an organism was put in the wrong ecosystem it would not be able to adapt to the new environment fast enough to live.

Natural Selection

Natural selection is when a species of organisms is adapted over time to an environment.This helps the organism get food, reproduce, and find shelter.

The lemur, for example, has many adaptations that put it in my ecosystem. One being its diet that it consumes 95% of is plants that are very common in the rainforest ecosystem. The population would increase now that the lemurs know that their are a lot of plants to eat. Like if more people were to cut down trees the lemur population would decrease because their is not a place where the lemur could sleep or spend most of its day.

Most if not all lemurs live in Madagascar.

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