Stay Safe on the Internet

Check out these rules and you'll be fine.

This is my Tackk about 10 safety rules on the internet. I do have some 1st person view points from my experiences on the internet. Here we go..


10. Do NOT accept anything that offers something for nothing such as money.

9. Tell your parents if something makes you uncomfortable.

8. Look where the software is coming from before you download. Check with your parents first otherwise it could make your computer go into a brain-fart-type thingy.

7. Do not reply to any rude (explicit, harassing, etc.) messages on a chat board.

6. Do not put a phone number on any website, as anyone can call you, and possibly scam you.

5. Don’t agree to a meeting unless you have agreed with your parents and make it a public meeting. Bring a parent.

4. Under any circumstances, do not join a chat room rated for.. how would I say this?... uh.. 18+ content.

3. Choose a simple username to prevent harassment.

2. Do not use torrents. (it's illegal)

1. Open emails only from people you know.

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First Person View Points-

Ok, first, before I get to the importance of the rules, I wanted to tell you some problems mine has had by not following these. The first thing is when I opened an email from my friend (which it said it came from - get this - a person named "null") and it had an image attached, inside of a zip file. I thought it came from my friend, when he showed me the "sent" folder. It wasn't there. I opened it, very scared, and there was an image inside (I did attach it to this post, don't worry, there aren't any viruses) and it was a very creepy image. It was called "smile-dog.jpg". I opened it and it had a dog, sitting there, illuminated by the camera flash. I instantly shut it down. (look at it at your own risk).

-------------------------WHY IT IS IMPORTANT--------------------------

  These rules are VERY important because the internet is full of pure bull-crud with scammers and ---- sites. To be honest, I believe that all of the rules are important because of the fact that when you follow these you have a smaller chance of something bad happening over the internet. I do have some reasons to tell you. If you ever were to accept a something-for-nothing offer, you would be told to put in your address or something else very personal, and they would come over to your house and you'd die (or something like that) and also, you could get mail scammed. That's all that I can find right now, so see you later!

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