INF 325 ASH Tutorial/ Uoptutorial

INF 325 Week 1 Commercial Internet Expansion

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Commercial Internet Expansion. Answer the following Questions from Chapter 1: a. What was the Acceptable Use Policy in place on the Internet before 1995?

b. Why did commercial activities on the Internet become acceptable in 1995?

c. What are the carriers that provide Internet service?

d. Why do they need to be interconnected?

e. At what locations do ISPs interconnect?

f. Did e-commerce collapse after the dot-com failures of 2000 and 2001?


INF 325 Week 2 Leased Lines

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Leased Lines. Answer the following “Test Your Understanding” questions using APA style and form:

a. Below what speed are there different leased line standards in different parts of the world?

b. What is the exact speed of a T1 line?

c. What are the speeds of comparable leased lines in Europe?

d. Why are fractional T1 and E1 speeds desirable?

e. List common fractional T1 speeds.

f. What are the most widely used leased lines?

g. What leased line standards are used above 50 Mbps?

Be sure to support your answers with concepts from the reading.


INF 325 Week 3 Mobile Service

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Mobile Service. Answer the following “Test Your Understanding” questions from Chapter 8 using APA style and form:

a. What are smart phones?

b. What changed from 1G cellular technology to 2G technology?

c. Compare typical 2G speeds with 3G speeds.

d. What are likely to be typical download speeds for early 4G systems?

e. What speeds will 4G support eventually?

f. At what generation did video downloads and reasonably fast web access become feasible?

g. What generation is sufficient for high-definition video and very fast web access?

Be sure to support your answers with concepts from the reading


INF 325 Week 4 Security plan

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Security Plan. Why is security primarily a management issue, not a technological issue? Also, provide some specific bulleted points on what you would include in a security plan if you were the Information Technology Director of a small firm.


INF 325 Week 5 Final Analysis

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Final Analysis

Using APA form and style, answer the following items from Chapter 3 in the text on policy and implementation in network security:

a) What is a policy?

b) Distinguish between policy and implementation.

c) Why is it important to separate policies from implementation?

d) Why is oversight important?

e) Compare the specificity of policies, implementation guidance, and implementation.

f) Distinguish between standards and guidelines.

g) Must guidelines be considered?

h) List the three types of oversight listed in the text.

i) What is vulnerability testing, and why is it done?

j) Why is it important for policy to drive both implementation and oversight?

Use complete sentences integrating vocabulary from the course and citations from the text and other sources to support your thorough analysis of each item.


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