By John C.

RPGs (role playing games)  are one of my biggest hobbies (photo above is the one I played mostly)

A role playing game is basically what it sounds like. I will take example of one of my characters and the RPG Dungeons and Dragons 2nd edition (my favorite edition, reason why is that it had fair limitations and advantages to each race and doesn't have like 50 different classes that were basically the same as another). Okay first I will create a character. I make him a human bard with the kit (kits are additions to a class, basically a class with a class) of skald. I roll a 18 for strength. but I decide to be from the Dragon Coast, Pirate Isle (if I am backwards with that sorry to the D&D fans) so I can get a 18 percentile strength (I rolled a double 0 so I have ogre strength). Next stats I roll are 16 for dexterity, 18 for constitution, 14 for intelligence, 11 for wisdom, and 15 for charisma (I will double check for stats). Then I picked out some proficiencies (sorry for spelling (according to this)) and then we named it (I'm not that good with naming so the DM helped me out). We agreed to the name of Jean ValJean (which is odd since that is a french name and mine is a Norse-like character). Now I will example a solo adventure with this character. Me and the DM will have a set of dice and other suplies and the DM will have some books with him to do all the checks, enemy's (monsters mainly) stats that aren't listed in the adventure, etc. The DM reads a little and gives off some information like for example, "You wake up, a little drowsy but still in capable of full abilities. Just a few moment's after awaken you hear a scream that comes from the other side of the door" and sometimes adds what will you do at the end of a reading and I would react to the information given to me for example "I will open the door" the DM will put more information in like "The door is locked and you have no key to unlock it with". Well since I have 18/00 strength I have a chance to bust down the door so the DM asks me to roll a die 20 to make a check. Normally the score at mine or below mine would bust the door but my DM sometimes changes it so I don't know which is a good roll or a bad roll. I roll a 12 and replies "You bust down the down the door to see that a elven women being cornered by three bandits, who, in shock, see you. Roll initiative". I roll a 4 and the bandits roll a 0 (or 10 on some dice). Since lowest number goes first I react first. I check my equipment list and my weapon proficencies. (not finished)

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