It was about three years ago I went to Paracas with my all family. I’ve always wanted to go along with my children and their family no matter the place it was. So, we planned to do it while we were celebrating Christmas and, as a gift for everyone, we decided the date. The first we did next day when we went to work was asked for our vacations in order to be the same date.

As we were 10, we decided to rent an apartment to be more comfortable and of course cheaper than the hotel. It was a very nice apartment in front of the sea, with 6 rooms, barbecue and a pool. Every day, all of us got up very early to have time to visit all the interesting places there are in Paracas. We visited the “Paracas Reserve”, a protected area as of its particular flora and fauna, specially its Paracas Birds. The “Museo de Sitio of Julio C. Tello”, “Islas Ballestas”. The most impressing thing I saw were the geoglyph called “Paracas Candelabro” and lot of beautiful places and amazing animals like sea lions, penguins, pelicans and many more. I am not going to give you more details of this place because I am sure that all of you know Paracas very well.

It was an extraordinary short trip because of the beautiful places we saw and specially because my family and I spent a lot of time enjoying to each other, remembering and laughing of stories of each one, playing many games with our little kids, swimming and telling horror stories.

I think that this trip will never be forgotten for all of us. We spent a week of happiness.

Thank you

Rina Garay

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3 years ago

wow is really nice when you travel with all the familly.

3 years ago

well Paracas is a great place for vacation, I was there over 8 years ago and I went with some friends I remenber I get lose in an little island it was really fun.