Use renewable resources NOT fossil fuels

Solar Pannels

I know what your thinking there way to expensive but, if you add up your electric bill for the next five years it will be five times as much as what your paying now so if you don't want to have to pay the electric bills just let the sun do all the work so, you can save some doo-ray.

Wind Turbines

Bio  Fuels

Poop produces energy if you didn't know;not only does it stink but it also can produce methane gas.After a cow or animal poops the poop decomposes into the ground witch is then pumped through a generator witch then produces the energy we use everyday


That's why you should use renewable resources NOT fossil fuels because of the 3 reason I gave you like solar panels,wind turbines,and bio fuels

A lot of people think that all wind is good for is making you cold.Thats not all it also makes power when wind hits the hub on the wind turbine after that the wind transferred through a long pipe then that wind is converted into the electric energy we use.

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