bottle love

I was told it is pointless to buy baby products under the guise that they are the "best in the market" because ultimately it is your baby who makes the final call.
I hope your baby's final call is the Nuk bottle.

Early on in my pregnancy I heard wonders about the Tomee Tippee bottle. It is renown for its "closer to nature" nipples designed to mimic a mother's breast. So I registered for Tommee Tippee without looking further. My daughter wasn't impressed by it.

I have chosen to breastfeed and, as much as I love the Nuk, I only use a bottle whenever I am in a tricky situation that keeps me from breastfeeding. You may already know that breastfeeding is an art that must be learned. There can be so much uncertainty in a single feeding.

One day I was feeding my 3-week-old daughter when she suddenly became real fussy. She latched on, cried, latched off, cried, and repeated this over and over again. This was the first time she did this and I began to wonder whether or not she was getting enough food. In my desperation I prepared a Tommee Tippee bottle, but she seemed to dislike that even more than whatever was happening at the breast. It occurred to me to prepare all the different bottles I had been given for free by pregnancy clothing stores. Among three different brands was the Nuk. The Nuk did the job and successfully aided my daughter. There's a chance she might have liked the other bottles had she been relaxed, but I have tried them again and she doesn't take them. Then again she has only completely finished about 4 Nuk bottles out of the 10 times I've tried feeding her a bottle.

how I stumbled into my Nuk

what's there to love?

-  The actual bottle is just the right width (not too     bulky).
-  The nipple is fantastic:
  * it is short
  * it is soft
  * it places the feeding hole against baby's palate.
* unlike the Medela, Tommee Tippee, and other  bottles, I tried, I promise you, this one does not spill Milk. My daughter has completed entire feedings without spilling milk. I remove the bottle and wipe milk resting on her chin, but nothing that spilled and ran down her neck.

the fabulous feeding hole

This feature is truly spectacular. The nipple has two sides: a flat side and a rounded side. The feeding hole is on the rounded side, which rests on the baby's palate, This is wonderful for several reasons. From what I've observed,this allows a baby to suckle in order to draw the food out, rather than milk freely and easily falling down the  baby's mouth. Also, milk doesn't spill everywhere when you  tip the bottle to feed a baby that is laying down.
I Love It.

word of advice

- Don't just take my word for it, buy just one Nuk and    have your baby test it out.
- Research a variety of products before committing to    one.
- If you're expecting a baby and have a baby shower      coming up, register for several different bottles,      one of each, that you've researched and liked.

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