My Goals

Ethan Hunt

Personal Goal

My personal goal is to own a custom street racing car.  I would like to own one to street race and to drive around in.  I plan to achieve this goal by getting a good paying job and saving up for all the parts and modifications that I would like on the car.

Educational Goal

My educational goal is to do get a degree both in automotive and gunsmithing. Since most automotive and gunsmithing schools are two year colleges I will be able to complete both in four years.  I plan to do this by  getting a job before I go to college so I can save for tuition.

Nutritional/Fitness Goal

My nutritional/fitness goal is to stay healthy.  I plan to do this by eating nutritious foods and exercising daily.

Humanitarian Goal

My humanitarian goal is to go to give water to the people groups who have limited water access.  To do this I will have to raise money to travel to the countries and build wells.

Career Goal

My career goal is to be a gunsmith.  I will accomplish this by going to college and getting a degree in gunsmithing.

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